Disruption is the process of dramatically changing the existing system, services and businesses.

What does Disruption mean?

Disruption is the process of dramatically changing the existing system, services and businesses.

What can we learn about Disruption?

Disruption involves creating a radical new product or service that disrupts the existing market. It involves identifying key problems, pain point and inefficiencies in current services, and creating a product or service that offers a better alternative.

The idea behind disruption is that it can create a new market or industry, while disrupting the existing one. This usually makes it easier to attract new customers while also forcing other companies to change their offerings in order to remain competitive.

Often times disruption involves using technology to speed up processes or make them more efficient. This can mean anything from automating manual processes to creating new platforms or networks that allow for easier collaboration.

Disruption can also involve shifting the focus of an existing industry. For example, the ride-sharing industry disrupted the taxi industry by introducing services that allowed customers to book and pay for rides on their phones.

What is an example of Disruption?

The best example of this idea is the e-commerce industry which has dramatically disrupted traditional retail stores.

The introduction of online stores, combined with easier payment methods and greater customer convenience, allowed customers to shop for a much wider selection of products while saving on costs. This created a huge shift in retail, leading to stores closing down and companies either needing to adapt or reinvent themselves.

At the same time, it also moved a lot of the industry’s focus to digital, with stores increasingly utilizing digital marketing techniques to attract and retain customers.

Disruption is now a common theme in many industries, as companies look to find new ways to reshape their business model in order to remain competitive. This means that entrepreneurs, executives and investors all need to be aware of the potential for disruption in the industry they’re involved in and how best to prepare their businesses to remain competitive.

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