Digital Touch Points.

Understanding software is key to unlocking adoption for your employees and here at Usertip we provide help at every step of the way.


Redefine the way your team interacts with software

Delivering a greater and customisable experience for your team with just a few clicks!

Spend less time building interactive training guides for your team.

Have more time for creativity. Implementing our guides is a breeze.

Time Saver

Say goodbye to employees being frustrated with new software, help is within seconds!


Enjoy the freedom of determining how your walkthroughs interact with your employees.

Deploy In A Heartbeat

Once you’re satisfied with any changes, simply save it and it’s ready for use!


Know, our family of building blocks!

We designed our building blocks to be friendly and intiutive


Modals are pop-ups that provide introductory information on the upcoming tasks in the onboarding process.

The beginning and end of every task is the perfect time for this touchpoint.


Spotlights darken the background, and highlight a specific area during the onboarding process.

This touchpoint is recommended for tasks that require focus.


Slide-outs provide instructions that allow interactions during a walkthrough.

This touchpoint is ideal for breaking down complex tasks within a tutorial.


Tooltips enrich the learning experience during a walkthrough.

This touchpoint is great for providing information when users reach for it.

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Explore Frequently Asked Questions to Learn More About Usertip's Features and Functionality

Do you offer trial services?

Unfortunately, we do not offer a trial at the moment. However, we do have a free tier, which you can sign-up for through our website.

Are there grants available for Usertip product and services?

There may indeed be grants available which can cover your needs. Presently these are limited to Singaporean companies, do get in contact with our representatives to find out more.

Will i have to sign an annual contract?

Nope! You can subscribe to Usertip for a monthly free. If you have further questions, do get in contact with our representatives to discuss details.

Can i terminate my custom contract early?

Termination can only take place at the end of the existing contract period. If you wish to do so however do first let us know where we can improve and match your needs. We are committed to creating product and services that truly serve your needs.