April 26, 2024
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Case Study: Usertip For Employee Onboarding

Find out how 1 customer utilised Usertip to support their digital transformation efforts by stimulating adoption among employees. Usertip supported the implementation of a Sharepoint based project management system by providing personalised onboarding and support that help groom users for success.

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Marc Chia

In digital transformation, half the battle can be getting your employees to successfully utilize the systems you have implemented. If you are struggling with driving adoption of technology for your employees, Usertip might just be the trick to help you engage and support their adoption journey.

This was precisely the challenge faced by one of our customers who was looking to implement a Sharepoint based project management system. This is the story of how Usertip helped turn that around by enabling personalized onboarding and support

The Background

Our client is a large enterprise that launched a project management platform on Sharepoint for one of their divisions. The Sharepoint platform can be used to store project documents, plan meetings and provide division wide updates and announcements. The product is used by a variety of users with different technical proficiencies. It was launched one year prior to Usertip’s engagement with the customer. However, usage was low and training coordination was difficult. The company was not reaping the return on investment from the time invested in the platform.

The Challenge

The employees who are the users of this platform span the whole tech proficiency range from the tech savvy to those who really only interacted with email and basic applications such as Microsoft Office applications. For many, adapting to a digital-based workflow on the platform proved to be a challenge.

The main issue was that employees were falling back on old ways of doing work including using email for communication and document sharing. In other words, they were not reaping the benefits of the software. Training was also an issue as the division had a large group of sub-departments and coordination of training as well as employee turn over was always a challenge.

While training material was prepared in the form of online guides and videos, user studies indicated that they often fell back on asking for help from “experts”(users who were more tech proficient) in their team or relying on customer support. The “experts” indicated that they were constantly being asked to help with the work of others while customer support may take up to 3 days before providing assistance

The Solution

Usertip was brought in to support the tech adoption of this project management platform. This is done via Usertip’s in-application walkthroughs that automatically launch when the user accesses the platform. Through Usertip walkthroughs, the goal was to introduce users to the full capabilities of the platform in a modular way. Different campaigns to introduce features could be carried out over a period of time and employees to be trained to quickly progress from basic usage to more advanced features.

The Benefits

1. Automated Rolling Out Of Just In Time Training

The delivery of in-application guidance to employees meant that walkthroughs could be set up to launch automatically at point of need. For example, navigating to the policies section would trigger the appropriate walkthrough that would guide users through the steps of filtering for and bookmarking policies for future reference.

These Just-In-Time delivery of walkthroughs meant training was delivered at the point of need for employees and no time is needed for employees to sit in mass training sessions where training may not be immediately relevant and easily forgotten.

2. Easy & Quick Training Setup And Update Within Minutes.

Usertip’s no-code system that enables the building and updating of training material to be delivered in-application means this can be done by a staff with no software engineering knowledge in as little as 5 minutes. Furthermore the intuitive what you see is what you get (WYSIWYG) builder system enabled the knowledge management team to start building and maintaining walkthroughs within the same hour of implementation.

With this builder system, the knowledge management team can easily set up the appropriate training guides and execute the delivery of this training within minutes without long lead times or complicated processes. Previously this may have taken anywhere between days to a number of weeks in order to execute any changes to onboarding or training guidance within the application itself.

3. Up to 3X Faster Learning & Task Completion

Usertip was able to increase the rate at which employees both learnt and executed tasks on the platform. In some user study sessions, it was reflected that as compared to learning and executing tasks on the platform via traditional means Usertip was able to increase the pace of learning while enabling them to complete their task by up to 3 times while also enabling on-demand refreshers that eliminating the long times waiting for support.

Usertip is a digital adoption platform designed to help scale your onboarding, training and support for digital solutions. Our no-code platform delivers in-application walkthroughs directly on your digital solutions. Seamless user experience and on-demand learning all delivered to your user’s fingertips within seconds.

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