User Analytics

Do you need help understanding the user adoption journey?

Discover more with User Analytics. Uncover hidden friction and provide in-depth insights into your customer journey. We support teams implementing digital transformation, driving solution implementation and data driven decision making for product teams.

User data at your fingertips

Great Insights, And An Even Better User Experience.

With clear and concise data, you’ll never doubt your decisions again.

Spend Less Time Waiting For Your Developers.

Have more time set aside for scaling your company.

Digital Insights

Our analytics tool provides you a headstart in understanding your walkthrough’s drop-off rate.

Improve User Retention

Knowing where your users drop-off will help you improve and deliver greater experiences.

Data-Driven Product Management

Usertip’s analytic tool empowers your team to make critical decisions that are supported by data.

Digital Touch Points

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Unique selling proposition

Manage user adoption numbers by tracking the pace at which users are onboarding.

Discover users who are struggling and find power users through analytics within the first week of use.


Understand Usage Patterns

Understand your users every step of the way.

Discover "Ah-Hah" moments that make your product sticky
Know how many of your users did not complete onboarding and where they fell off.
Craft better experiences and directly obtain feedback from users about how you are doing.

Understanding usage patterns arm you with functional insight for better decision making.

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